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I welcome you all to Ebunoluwa International Junior School, Located at Chief Fatoki Estate, Ofatedo- Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.

EIS is an international school of high standard and established on the premise of child education.

It’s a home away from home where learning activities is directed towards evolving the total child; this is attained through the processes of teaching and learning .

The school runs an Integrated curriculum that is both national and international.


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Ebunoluwa Junior School

The Junior School of Ebunoluwa International School, situated at Ofatedo, in Osun State, is essentially the Primary section

The school comprises the Reception, Nursery, and Grade Classes. The Reception and Nursery classes aim at grooming the child from cradle to about age five when he/she transits into the mainstream of primary education which is the Grade classes.

Teaching and Learning in Reception and Nursery classes are based on Montessori’s and Dewey’s methods. Thereby, fashioning the child for grade (primary) classes.

Learning rhymes, recitations, and singing are used to arouse pupil’s interest in learning. We take into cognizance the reading of the alphabet, figures, and objects in and out of the classroom



  1. Number work
  2. Letter Work
  3. Christian Religious Knowledge
  4. Elementary Science
  5. Social Habit
  6. Health Habit
  7. Physical and Health Education
  8. Rhymes and Poems
  9. Colouring Skill
  10. Handwriting
  11. Moral Instructions
  12. Practical Life Experience/Literature
  13. Reading Skill
  14. Mathematical Skill
  15. Phonics



  1. English Language
  2. Mathematics
  3. Social Studies
  4. Christian Religious Knowledge
  5. Yoruba Language
  6. French Language
  7. Basic Science
  8. Fine Art
  9. Music
  10. Civic Education
  11. Home Economics
  12. Oral English
  13. Agricultural Science
  14. Computer Studies
  15. Handwriting
  16. Physical and Health Education
  17. Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning.

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Ebunoluwa International school boarding Facility is equipped with dazzling modern facilities that moderate the student sense of homeness and as well stir their passion to learn, promote, develop their general well-being and also develop their interest and commitment towards learning.

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