Our Department


Language Department

The department handles subjects like:-

  • English Language
  • Literature-in-English
  • Yoruba Language
  • French

Core values and goals of the department.

  1. To help learners improve their linguistic skills.
  2. To help learners understand different technical terms related to different fields of knowledge.
  3. To assist learners to speak fluently using any of the languages of their choice
  4. To help learners become vast and relevant in the use of language anywhere they find themselves.
  5. To help learners recite and develop their ability in working literary work.
  6. To develop learners’ confidence and fluency


The department is focused on the study and use of language as a structured system of communication, that consists of grammar and vocabulary. It is the primary means by which humans convey meaning, both in spoken and written forms to develop listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills. Writing which makes use of some literary terms and principles with the help of the study of literature-in-English as a course of study. 

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