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Mathematics Department

The department handles subjects like:-

  • Mathematic
  • Further Mathematics

Core values of the department

  1. Mathematics helps us have better problem-solving skills.
  2. It helps for enjoyment in exploring abstract ideas.
  3. It helps in rigorous training of the mind and to develop such in young learners.
  4. It assists learners progressing through the wide range of fields in higher education
  5. It helps us to understand the world better
  6. It helps learners to apply mathematical concepts to real-life situations and experiences.

Mathematics is the science and study of quality, structure, space, and charge. It seeks out patterns, formulates new conjectures, and establishes a truth by rigorous deduction from appropriately chosen axioms.

Through abstraction and logical reasoning, mathematics evolved from counting, calculation, measurement, and the study of shapes and motions of physical objects.

It is used as an essential tool in many fields including natural science, engineering, medicine, and social science.

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