Music is a global language and no matter the differences in cultural values and interests, music has always been a global meeting point. That tells us how important it is to be musically literate beyond the regular performance, we see all around.

Is your child interested in music or do you know of anyone who wants to be musically literate? Ebunoluwa International School is offering the opportunity to obtain a Muson Certification Program Where interested students are specially trained towards obtaining Muson Certification of different levels. Grades.


Muson (Musical Society of Nigeria) is a Nigerian Musical Organization into Educational Institutes Certified Musical Organization and Educational Institutes Certified and approved by the Government to tram and offer variables of certifications in all music  related subjects. Their Certifications in all music related subjects. Their certifications are internationally recognized. In Nigerian and some western/European Countries). The most commonly obtained are their graded certificates, which is one of their Basic School Programs. This program offers, Students and participates varieties of certificates depending on their capabilities  and grade, they could reach. This graded examination certificate are recongnized in various higher instuitions for students who wants to study music at various higher level. Below are the Muson grades programs.


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 8

Each of these grades contain their individual curriculum and certificates can be obtains for each of them.

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