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Ebunoluwa International School

A new breed of Nigerians is being raised here under a pleasant, friendly, accommodating and conducive atmosphere.

Academic Activities

Ebunoluwa International School is made up of Junior and Senior Secondary Schools.

School Life

Our students are involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities without compromising their exceptional academic performance.


We provide an extensive array of leadership opportunities including involvement in community services for all students.

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At EIS, it our belief that your loved ones shall be greatly assisted in unfolding and bringing to focus their talents and abilities. EIS is a unique school and our pride is our relentless pursuit of excellence, commitment to moral and academic excellence for the present and future generations.

We exist to motivate, build confidence and create opportunities that lead to the attainment of superior human qualities: love, service, integrity, self reliance, patriotism, creativity and other enduring virtues and values. With these, their physical, intellectual and spiritual qualities will be enhanced.


Prospective students should have successfully completed primary school education in a good public or private school. Admission is open to pupils from within and outside the country.

Prospective for the Senior students should have successfully completed primary school education in a good public or private school. Admission is open to pupils from within and outside the country.

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An application form is obtained, after which a prospective student writes a comprehensive entrance examination at the appointed time. It is highly competitive while admission is strictly on merit.

We Are Open For Opportunities!

The school prepares and presents students for the under-listed International Examinations:

  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).
  • Scholastic Assessment Test (S.A.T.)
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

Our History

Our Brief History.

The name of the school is EBUNOLUWA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (EIS), it is a government-approved private, co-educational Day and Boarding Primary and Secondary School, located in Chief Fatoki Estate, Ofatedo via Osogbo in Egbedore Local Government Area of Osun State.

The school took off with two students and five teachers on 1st September, 2002. It was founded by a renowned educationist and entrepreneur, Princess Esther Omotunde Falabi, whose passion for good education is unparalleled. The foundation Principal was Mr. K.O. Mensah. He succeeded Mr. Olatunji, who was in turn succeeded by Mrs. Oluwapojuwo. Other former Principal are: Mr. Ajiboye, Abayomi Isaac and Mr. Tadese Abraham Adegboyega. The incumbent Principal is Dr. Raphael Olufemi Yewande.

We are all about Excellence

Academic Excellence At It's Peak

The achievement of Ebunoluwa International School cannot be over-emphasized.

Academically, the school has recorded 100% success in the last three years Senior Secondary School Examinations (SSCE).

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Boarding Facilities are top notch

Ebunoluwa International school boarding Facility is equipped with dazzling modern facilities that moderate the student sense of homeness and as well stir their passion to learn, promote, develop their general well-being and also develop their interest and commitment towards learning.

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